About the pig farm

The pig farm of Golyamo Vranovo pig farmInvest AD is located in the village of Golyamo Vranovo, Slivo Pole municipality, Rousse District. The main activity of the company is the production of elite breeds of pigs, sausages and pork products. With us you can buy live pigs weighing about 100 kg. The payment is per kg. The pig farm has:

20 000 pigs

Over 200 employees

Silos for 7 500 tons of grain

6 company stores

2 000 sows

3000 decares of areas with crops

Fodder workshop

Modern meat processing workshop


Golyamo Vranovo pig farmInvest AD is one of the largest producers of pork meat in the country, producing over one hundred types of long-lasting and short-lasting pork products.